Always Celebrate Halloween

Always Celebrate Halloween

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Regarding Halloween, I am a LOVER.  I love Halloween, I love the idea of the Day of the Dead, ghosts and witches, and I think it’s just plain fun!

Today is Halloween, one of my very favorite holidays, ever.  I think it has something to do with the fact that my birthday is on October 26, so my birthday parties always had a Halloween theme.

Plus, there was the chance to dress up (yay, as a kid!) and put on makeup.  Oh, yeah, that was my idea of heaven.

Jamie Halloween 2017This is my oldest son, in his “Game of Thrones” costume.  He made his armor out of foam sheets.  His hair is from his wife’s extensions.  Wow!

All of my grown kids, I am VERY proud to say, have embraced my passion for Halloween. We spent hours and hours when they were young (all 5 of them) doing their costumes from home.  At an early age, most of them did their costumes on their own.  My eldest daughter never got into it, and then she had her baby.  Major Halloween-er now!!  A true convert.

We usually had several costumes per kid.  Our Portland suburb, being “politically correct” (gag) prohibited most of my best ideas.  For instance, for “opposite day,” my son had a great costume as an old lady!!! He had an old lady wig and dress and makeup (complete with wrinkles). The principal told me there would be “no cross dressing.”  Oh, for cryin’ out loud.  I mean, what on earth is this world coming to?? So, down below is his latest carving, done without a pattern  Amazing!

Alex and Kristin Simon and GarfunkelMy younger son moved to the East Coast for his PhD a few years ago, but has usually managed to retain his passion for Halloween.  Here he is with his girlfriend, as Simon and Garfunkel.  He normally wears a full beard, so this is a kid who takes his costumes pretty seriously!   Back in high school he shaved his head for some costume, just down the middle.  I went to wake him up one morning and found him like that.  Pretty sure more than a few neighbors could hear my screams.

My parents were complicit.  Both were talented, in terms of creativity and costumes.  Ha!  My Dad actually made one of my brothers into a cigarette (mind you, this was the 50’s!!) because our town had a costume contest downtown.  I’m not completely sure how he did it, but my brother had “smoke” coming out of his head. It was probably dry ice.  I’m not even sure which brother it was, but they seem to have retained their brain power, so whatever… All I can say is, it was a different (better?) era.

Another time, one of my brothers was a scarecrow.  Yeah, we usually won these contests, because my dad was something else.  Anyway, my poor brother had a board or something attached to his back so his arms were spread out.  Guess that’s one way of making sure your kid doesn’t eat any candy before getting home!  No, he wasn’t a little kid.  Trust me, there was no abuse here.  Everyone had a blast, including that poor scarecrow.

And there were the prizes.   Sigh… those were the days.

I remember when my parents were taking off for Hawaii one year.  This wasn’t really a “vacation,” because Hawaii was one of my dad’s territories as a construction manager.  Mom got to go along for the ride.  But they always came back, tanned, happy and relaxed.  They’d show us photos of muumuus and leis and friends they’d made there.  Sounds pretty good to me.  I’ve never been there!

Psycho Jamie's Carving(This is my son’s carving, without a pattern.  This is the “Psycho” scene in Pumpkin.  Wow.)

For the first time, my mom wouldn’t be able to do my makeup for Halloween.  (Frankly, mom wasn’t the best at makeup, anyway.  Sorry, Mom, up there!)  So we went over how to apply it with my costume.  I’m not really sure what I was, but I had sort of a sari scarf and exotic makeup and I was as happy as a clam. I had some sort of jewel on my forehead.  My older brothers were at home to take “care of me” and all was good.  By “take care,” I mean they’d stand on the sidewalk holding my pillow case of candy (“so I wouldn’t have to carry it”), while I went to the door.  Funny, but that pillow case never seemed to get any heavier!  At any rate, I was none the wiser.  The important lesson was that makeup could change my looks and my world.  Oh, God, I loved that stuff.  Well, until now, when the chickens don’t really care how I look.

Em and Mason HalloweenTurns out my darling husband doesn’t, either.  First of all, in his defense, we are both blind as bats.  So, the other night, after a day of working on “the farm” (not), I took a shower, dried and set my hair, and did my makeup.  It must have been a Saturday.  Bring on the Chanel No. 5.

All day long, Bill had been killing himself, chopping wood, clearing the garden, blowing leaves, getting ready for Winter.  He walks in, all dirty and gross, and looks at me (all dolled up, mind you) and says, “Do you want to shower first, or should I?”  Oh, my God!  I could’ve been mad, but it was so funny, I couldn’t help but laugh!

Well, what can I say??

Our Wedding InvitationThis is the photo that Bill and I sent with our wedding invitations.  Well, they do say “Keep Portland Weird.”  We did our part, wouldn’t you say?  No, we didn’t dress like that for the event.  We’re not THAT weird!

Have a great Halloween.  I hope you love your Halloween and all of your holidays to come!








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