Brandy Dijon Chicken

Brandy Dijon Chicken

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Brandy Dijon Chicken

This was our sky tonight on our driveway.  It was an amazing day, full of sun.  In Oregon in the winter, this is an unexpected gift, because we are known for our annual 7 months of rain.

Brandy Dijon Chicken

I strolled (ok, I didn’t stroll.  I limped) through the bulk foods section of our grocery store today, in hopes of trying something new.  My dinners are not boring in the least (at least, to me) but they tend to use the same old set of ingredients.  I need to switch it up a bit.

I bought some new Arborio rice, because my old stuff was probably about 8 years old.  Old rice smells and tastes horrible.  I didn’t throw it out, though.  I put it aside for some new rice bags.

Have you ever used rice bags?  Oh, my god.  Nuke these babies for 3 minutes and apply to aching back, neck, knees, wherever.  Sew up a few and you will feel so much better.

Plus, they keep my toes warm in the winter!  I’ve been known to haul 3 hot rice bags to bed in the winter.  They’re the modern version of a hot brick!

I found some dried blueberries for my salad.  I’ve used craisins for years, but I thought I’d try these.  Surprisingly, these aren’t overly sweet, but they’re very good.  And I always think, if you can sneak in some extra nutrition into your salad, you’re better off.

Brandy Dijon Chicken

On to my entree.  This is an awesome and easy meal that still tastes elegant.  You may be hesitant to serve it to your kids, but trust me, the flavor ends up tasting nothing like brandy, and all the alcohol will burn off in the process.

I am so happy I’ve discovered coconut milk!  When I think of all the awesome recipes I own that call for whipping cream, I could cry.  All those years that I could have used coconut milk, instead of going without!

I did a little research for us.  A half cup of whipping cream is 410 calories.  A half cup of full fat coconut milk is 223 calories.  Plus, the stuff is good for you.  So, read on!

Brandy Dijon Chicken

This serves only two, so adjust accordingly.

2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts

Dried basil

Extra virgin olive oil

Kosher Salt

Freshly ground black pepper

1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard

½ cup brandy

½ cup full fat coconut milk

Preheat your oven to 200°.

Heat a large skillet over medium high heat.  When hot, add enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan.

Meanwhile, trim the chicken (I cut it in half, horizontally, to save time), pat dry and sprinkle with dried basil, salt and pepper.

Saute until brown on both sides until firm to the touch.  Remove to a pie plate and place in your 200° oven.  The bottom of the pan should have lots of yummy brown bits – that’s a good thing.  In my younger years, I would wash out the skillet.  Dumb.

To hot pan, add brandy and Dijon and let boil away, whisking like crazy.

Add coconut milk and continue to whisk until reduced and creamy.  Turn off the heat and remove the chicken from the oven.  You can either spoon sauce over it on your plates, or just dunk those chicken pieces back into the warm pan.

Brandy Dijon Chicken

Either way, the flavor is amazing – even for kids.  Honest.

And if you like this beautiful Waterford Champagne Flute, here’s an Amazon link.  I got these gorgeous glasses 35 years ago, as a wedding gift.  How they’ve survived me for this long is anyone’s guess – but they are not only gorgeous; they’re very sturdy.

Brandy Dijon Chicken

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy – Vicky


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