Chicken Marinade with Dijon, Honey and Lemon

Chicken Marinade with Dijon, Honey and Lemon

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Chicken Marinade with Dijon, Honey and Lemon

I called the doctor’s office again, since I was pretty sure it was Monday and that they’d be open.

I’m just kidding.  I may think a Saturday is a Friday, but I’d never mistake a Monday!

Of course, next Monday and Wednesday, Bill will not be driving to Portland to work.  I think I’m more excited than he is.

This photo of Molly and Leo have nothing whatsoever to do with this post.  I just caught them in a happy moment of hangin’ in the sun together.  They’re good buds.

Chicken Marinade with Dijon, Honey and Lemon

Oh, and the doctor’s office said they’d only given me 30 days of my meds because I was due for routine blood work.  Ugh.

I can’t stand going to the doctor and I hate blood work, too.  It’s not the needle – that doesn’t bother me one iota.  It’s the feeling of being dissected and placed under a microscope that I dislike so much.

Speaking of dissecting, I only did it once, in high school.  We were all given a formaldehyde-pickled frog and told to go for it.  I don’t remember what the exact point of the lesson was, but by the time I was finished, all that was left was a huge, gaping hole that exposed the spine.  Ha ha ha!  Oh, well; science never was my forte.  I haven’t thought of that in centuries.

Instead of using upcoming bloodwork as inspiration to create healthy meals, I’m resenting it.  It’s one thing to choose to be healthy.  It’s another thing, entirely, to be forced into it by a doctor who holds your meds hostage.  Hmmmph.

This marinade recipe comes from the Pioneer Woman.  Looks like I’m not the only one who doesn’t really care about exact amounts.  I’m with her – I figure people know what they like and are going to play with the amounts in a recipe, regardless.

She serves this grilled chicken over a creamy basil penne pasta, which sounds a whole lot better than my poor old, tired salad.  But, you know – blood tests and all that.

I love grill marks.  It must be an association with warm, summer nights on the back deck, overlooking the pasture and the garden.  I’ve had this cast iron grill pan (from Amazon, duh) for years.  But I really haven’t used it as much as I should.  I’m going to change that because the grill marks make me happy.

Chicken Marinade with Dijon, Honey and Lemon

Spring and summer are still a long way off.

Oh, now I remember why I’ve used my grill pan so infrequently.  It’s because it’s such a pain to clean, afterward.  You’re not supposed to use soap on cast iron, as you know, so I never felt it was worth the time and effort it took to scrub it clean.

I solved this problem, though.  After I cooled the pan down, I took a paper towel and wiped the excess oil and marinade off the bottom.  Then I added 2 cups of warmish water back into the pan and cranked up the heat.  I let it boil away for a couple of minutes.

Then I turned the heat off again.  When it had cooled a bit, I took it over to the sink to scrub it.

I used a stiff scrub brush and found the boiling had done its usual magic.  It came clean in about one minute.

This is her marinade for chicken, which she lets sit for 24 hours in the fridge.  I don’t have 24 hours and I’m not all that sure how I’ll like this.  I’ve never been a honey and Dijon kind of gal, but the lemon juice sold me.  So, my chicken tenders got ½ an hour.  This is exactly how she wrote the recipe – don’t blame me!  My version below is for TWO SERVINGS ONLY.  Adjust accordingly.

Chicken Marinade with Dijon, Honey and Lemon

Olive oil (I used ¼ cup)

Juice of four lemons (I used one lemon)

Dijon (I used 1 teaspoon)

A tiny bit of honey (I used 2 teaspoons)

A dash of salt (and pepper)

Heat a cast iron grill pan just one click higher than medium heat.  Let it get nice and hot.

Pour in some extra virgin olive oil and smoosh around with a silicone pastry brush.

When I used my tongs to transfer the chicken from the marinade and onto the hot, oiled grill pan, I got a lot of splattering all over the stovetop and me.  Ouch!  What a mess.

You may want to place the chicken onto a bed of paper towels, just to be safe, before putting it into the hot oil.  I also used my splatter screen — if you could see how dirty the water looked when I scrubbed it later, you’d be amazed at how effective this screen is, in keeping that junk out of your kitchen (and your face, and hair, and clothes).  This is one of the splatter screens I got on Amazon.  (I actually have two different sizes).  Grill your chicken, then remove to a plate and let it rest.

I did arms and legs today, as well as a half an hour on the bike.  I am good to go!

This came out really well, and I’ll use it again.  I piled in on my dinner salad, that had been slathered with a bit of lemon vinaigrette.  Not Creamy Penne Pasta, but not bad, either.

Chicken Marinade with Dijon, Honey and Lemon

If you’d like the Pioneer Woman’s full recipe, click here.

Hope you enjoy!





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