Links for the Best 10 Gardening Tools

Links for the Best 10 Gardening Tools

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HarvestI hope this list of gifts will give you some inspiration and will save you a boatload of time.  Below I have listed my favorite gardening tools, as well as links to the Amazon site and prices.

Some of these are very inexpensive and, some, not so much.  All are well used and loved by me.   If you don’t garden, I’m tellin’ you that the gardeners in your life will wonder how they ever managed without these.

Atlas Gloves. I own about 6 pairs of these, and I never garden without them.  I use them, as well, for cutting stained glass and collecting my hens’ eggs.  You can throw them in the wash and then hand dry.  They can go into the dryer, but eventually the rubber will go stiff.  They last a long time and give a gardener dexterity and protection.  I would recommend you buy the set of 2.  It’s handy to have back-ups in different locations or to have one while the other is in the laundry.  Most men would wear a large; I have fairly large hands and I wear Medium.  Here’s the Amazon link:

Rubber Trugs. I literally couldn’t garden without these.  I own 3 and could easily find uses for more.  I use them to hold potting soil in my greenhouse, for a harvest tub, as well as to hold plant trimmings and weeds.  They are extremely durable and washable and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  This is my favorite size.  Here’s the Amazon link.

Speedy Sharp compact tool sharpener. This is very portable and will fit easily in any gardening apron or tool belt.  If used consistently, it will keep your pruners in great shape.  You can find it here, on Amazon:

Felco Pruners. These aren’t cheap, but they are definitely worth it.  You can always buy replacement blades and springs if yours ever wear out.  I’ve never had to, and I’ve had mine for about 12 years.  Here’s where you can check them out on Amazon, if you’re interested in a gardening tool that is a must.

Micro Pruners. A must have for the gardener.  It fits handily in my apron and is perfect for getting into tight spaces.  This is not designed for thick or woody stems.  I use it to cut off tomatoes that are hiding in a ton of vegetation.  I also use them to trim my cuttings that I propagate. These babies are extremely sharp and are spring-loaded, for easy use.  There’s also a safety button to keep them closed when not in use.  Here’s your Amazon link:

Shrub rake. This Fiskars brand is perfect for small spaces, either under shrubs or in small beds.  If this is something you or your gardener would like, here’s an Amazon  link: http://

Canvas Tool Apron. This will hold a gardener’s tools, cell phone, kleenex or seed packets.  This first one is for women, and here is the link on Amazon:  .  This second one is a man’s apron)

Hori Hori knife. This tool is invaluable for things like repotting a plant that has become root-bound or has roots that are tough to cut through.  It takes no effort at all to cut through tough roots before repotting.  This hori hori knife is very sharp, and it’s important to keep it in its sheath.  When I’m down in my garden (which is a good distance from the house), I always have a clean rag on me, so that I can wipe this knife off before returning it to its sheath.  It makes quick work for getting all the way to the bottom of weeds with deep roots, like a dandelion.  I spent hours and hours researching the right hori hori knife to give to my son.  He loved it so much that I got one for myself.  A few months later, a good friend of mine was the lucky recipient. Here’s your Amazon link:

Gardening Hatchet. This tool is invaluable for breaking up soil before planting.  It’s also great for weeding weeds that have large, deep roots.  I’ve had two knee replacements, and don’t like to kneel.  This saves me the pain and hassle of getting up and down, because of the good sized handle.  Here’s where to find it on Amazon.

And last, but not least, a misting nozzle.  If your gardener (or you) start plants from seed, this tool is absolutely invaluable.  Small seedlings will drown and easily rot if watered too heavily.  Using a spray bottle is time consuming, tedious and for some of us, downright painful.  I have this misting hose in my greenhouse and I couldn’t grow my garden from seed without it.  You can’t go wrong with this great product:  Here is your Amazon link:

That’s it!  I hope this list has given you a few ideas with which to spoil yourself or a loved one.

Enjoy!  Vicky


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