Louise Belcher Cupcakes

Louise Belcher Cupcakes

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Louise Belcher Cupcakes

Remind me not to quit my day job and become a baker (I don’t have a day job, but that’s beside the point!)

My granddaughter has this thing for a cartoon called “Bob’s Burgers” and loves the character, Louise Belcher.  Never heard of either.

Anyway, I asked my daughter-in-law what color my granddaughter would like her frosting, and she told me green, like Louise Belcher’s dress.  Fine.

Then she added, and she would love some pink bunny ears (like the character’s).

No problem.  Or so I thought.

Making the cupcakes went off without a hitch.  Considering the fact that I was using a mix and pre-made frosting, this wasn’t an amazing achievement.

Louise Belcher Cupcakes

Inspired by The Great British Baking Show, I had bought some cool (and large) piping bags from Amazon.  I haven’t used them much, but learning how to pipe is kind of fun.  I’m getting a little better at it.

I was thinking about how to create bunny ears and came upon the brilliant idea of melting white chocolate (dyed pink) and then piping white chocolate ears onto parchment paper and putting it into the freezer, and then inserting them.

I had heard that white chocolate can be tricky to work with but I didn’t know how or why.

Did I Google it?  Did I do any research?  Don’t be silly.

Well, I slowly microwaved it (not a good idea, by the way – you’re better off using a double boiler) and it melted just fine.

Then, I went to dye it pink.  I had gone to Walmart after Christmas for some green and red frosting paste, but they were out.  All they had was some sort of gel that turned out to be not exactly liquid, but still runny.

By the time I got the pink color I wanted, I had added too much liquid to the chocolate.  Well, today I did Google it.  Liquid is a no-no.  It will cause the white chocolate to “seize,” meaning turn hard as a rock.  So there I was, stuck with some glocky pink mess, which refused to budge and soften up again, even after I added a little butter and put it over a double boiler.  Turns out my pan over the simmering water didn’t fit snugly enough, which means the condensation from the hot water will make the entire thing even worse than when it started!

Louise Belcher Cupcakes

Finally, I gave up because it was a grainy, disgusting mess.  Into the garbage it went.

About then my daughter called and suggested those melting discs.  I went into the pantry and discovered I had about one third of a bag of red ones.  I couldn’t even remember ever buying these and certainly didn’t remember ever having used them in anything.

Did I Google it?  No; duh.

So I melted them in the microwave and got my little piping bag ready to go.  I had already drawn bunny ears on some parchment paper and turned it over, so I could pipe the stuff.

Louise Belcher Cupcakes

Maybe my kitchen was cold or maybe those things turn solid easily, but within seconds, the red stuff was hard as a rock.

I looked on the package and they said you could re-melt the stuff in the microwave.  Well, my metal piping tip nixed that idea.  (If you’re ever using a piping bag for these melts, just snip off the bottom of the piping bag, so you can re-microwave it).

There I was, with some ugly, lumpy red ears that were supposed to be smooth and pink.

I put the parchment paper back into the microwave and nuked it for a few seconds and tried to smooth out those ears.  No luck.

Shoot.  By now, I had been in the kitchen for HOURS.

I gave up and put them in the freezer.

Then I thought I could frost them with pink buttercream and maybe coat the red ears with them.

So, I made the pink frosting, dipped the red ears into it and put them back into the freezer.

The frosting wouldn’t freeze, and I was left with sticky, gross, lumpy ears.

Louise Belcher Cupcakes

I hadn’t even wrapped my granddaughter’s presents yet, and I was left with some green cupcakes and no decent ears.

So I went upstairs and wrapped her presents and then searched around for some bright pink paper.  Nada.

I looked through my cardstock.  I looked through my wrapping paper.  Nope.

I looked into my painting cupboard and found a pink watercolor pen.  So, I proceeded to sit down and color some white cardstock and cut out individual ears.  But not 24 of them (I should say, not 48 of them).  I settled on about enough ears for 7 cupcakes.  By then it was almost 6:00 and I hadn’t even started dinner.

Some days, I should stay out of the kitchen.

Oh, well.  You win some and you lose quite a few.



Just got back from spending the night with the kids.  The stupid cupcakes arrived at their house a mess.  I was so busy worrying that I’d forget to bring them, that I took them out of the refrigerator too soon.  Between falling over during the long ride, and softening up, they were all messed up and looked like they’d been in a train wreck.  You may want to invest in a reliable cupcake holder if you frequently make and take cupcakes!  I did a little research on Amazon and found this cupcake carrier that I’m going to order.  Unlike the cheapo one I got from the Dollar Store, this one has deep wells so your cupcakes won’t fall over and a high, domed lid that won’t squish your frosting.  Sold!

Louise Belcher Cupcakes

And, by the way, my Sweet Pea could not have cared less!



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