Veggie Tarragon Omelet

Veggie Tarragon Omelet

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Veggie Tarragon Omelet

I just spent about 10 minutes cleaning orange juice concentrate off of my kitchen counter, drawers and floor.  What a mess.

People who invent these cute little tabs that you’re supposed to grab and peel obviously don’t consider those of us with arthritis.  I thought the baby boomers were such a huge proportion of the population!  Anyway, I used my needle-nose pliers to pull the tab but the entire orange juice container slipped and spilled.  How annoying.

I made this omelet for brunch because I ran out of Healthnut Soup and haven’t made another batch yet.  It’s very tasty and healthy, too.  Which is a good thing, because tonight’s dinner?  Not so much.

Tarragon is famous for being paired with eggs and fish.  It’s not an herb I use that often, but it really does add a nice touch to omelets.  You should consider trying it sometime.  Just go easy on it – it’s a pretty strong herb.

Veggie Tarragon Omelet

1 whole egg plus one egg white, whisked together with 1 teaspoon water

Sweet onion, chopped

Bell peppers, chopped

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Spinach, chopped

Green onion, thinly sliced

Kosher Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Pinch dried tarragon

By the way, this is not the way the professional chefs cook an omelet.  I’m well aware of that, because I sure as heck am not one!

They have this crazy technique where they add the eggs to the skillet and whisk madly, like scrambled eggs, until the eggs begin to set.  I’ve never been able to master that technique, and don’t really care to.  So, here’s my humble method:

Heat an omelet pan or skillet on medium low heat.  Technically, a properly cooked omelet doesn’t have any color on it, which explains why you keep your burner on medium low.

If you don’t have a shallow skillet, check out my All Clad 8 inch Fry Pan on Amazon.  I use this baby daily, and I think it’s well worth the investment.  There’s nothing worse than flimsy pans that don’t conduct heat well!

When warm, add enough extra virgin olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan.  Add your chopped onions and bell peppers and sprinkle with salt.

When your veggies are slightly soft, add in spinach and green onion, and saute for a moment more.  Spinach takes no time at all to cook.

Veggie Tarragon Omelet

Remove veggie mixture to a plate.  Add a bit more olive oil to pan.

Whisk egg, egg white and water together in a bowl.  Yes, adding water might seem strange.  Why wouldn’t I use milk?

Well, sometimes I do.  But back when I was a kid, I read some column in the San Francisco Chronicle about making scrambled eggs or omelets with a “secret ingredient.”  Yep; it was water.

For some reason, the water helps to make a super creamy dish.  Even my son-in-law commented on how creamy my eggs were (not wet – just creamy).  I do not care for wet eggs.

When oil is hot, pour in eggs/water mixture and let sit.  When the bottom has set, sprinkle your veggie mixture over the entire omelet.  Then sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.

Lastly, sprinkle very sparingly with dried tarragon, mashed first in your palm.  Just pinch with your fingers, and move them over the omelet.

Cover and cook until set.  If you like, you can also sprinkle with shredded cheese, or ham, or cooked and crumbled bacon, or anything your little heart desires.  Or in my case, what Bill’s heart desires.

Veggie Tarragon Omelet with Ham and Cheese

Serve with whatever orange juice is left.

Ha!  Enjoy!



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