When NOT to Leave Your Warming Quiche to Throw on Some Mascara

When NOT to Leave Your Warming Quiche to Throw on Some Mascara

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Yep, this is a good example of what NOT to do when you are re-warming your quiche, the morning after your holiday dinner.

My oven has been acting up for a week or more (great timing, right??), vascillating between 325° and 475°, while I’m desperately attempting to get it somewhere around 375°.  Ugh.  All week I was tearing my hair out.

Somehow, the quiche, pumpkin pie and turkey all turned out.  Or, so I thought.

I was so busy making cute little cut-out decorations on my pumpkin pie crust, that I didn’t make the actual crust thin enough.  It may have looked nice, but the crust tasted like play-doh.

The pretty little decorations, however, were perfect.  So, whatever.  But it was kind of mortifying.

I mean, really, PLAY-DOH???  Ugh.

Spinach and Feta QuicheNow, the quiche, when I originally cooked it, turned out beautifully. I finally got that down, including a nice, thin crust and pretty little leaves all around.

The problem came the next morning.  I was going to serve apple hand-pies, which require a 400° oven.  Ok, so do I set the oven for 375° or 425°?  I went for 425° and it looked like the oven was going at 400°, and I had the oven thermometer to confirm it.  All was good.

The problem is, when you are re-warming a cooked quiche, you don’t really want a 400° oven.  You want a 350° oven.

Pie CrustBut I only have one oven.  This kind of pisses me off, if I’m being honest.  And clearly, judging by the leading photo, I am.

But the kids had to leave in 2 hours.  This wasn’t their fault.  They had told me they had to be out of here by noon.

The problem (one of many) was that, after a late night of catching up and yakking away (and imbibing too much, I’ll confess), I slept until 10:00.  Uh oh.

So, I stuck the damned quiche in the oven and, feeling really ugly, ran upstairs to throw on some mascara and pencil in some non-existent eyebrows.  Yeah, like anyone cares!

When I came down, here is what I found.  Oh, no!  A burnt quiche and all those cute little leaf decorations?  Toast.

Well, I scraped off those nice little leaves and hoped for the best.

The ironic thing is, the quiche actually tasted really good.   It wasn’t really “burnt.”  The sharp cheddar just made it look that way.  But the cute little decorations certainly were goners, sigh.

Then came the apple hand pies.  I kept watching and watching and watching for them to puff.  They finally did some semblance of rising toward the heavens.

Maybe I shouldn’t have used puff pastry that was at least two years old. But I don’t ever throw anything out.  Maybe that will be my one and only New Year’s Resolution.

TurkeyNow, my turkey was another story.  Absolutely perfection.  Except – and there’s always an “except” with me, instead of 4 ½ to 5 hours, it cooked in less than 4.  So, I tented it and hoped for the best.

I own a warming tray.  I really, really needed a warming tray, back when the kids were mostly local and I could easily have 15 for dinner.  I haven’t used it since.

Sliced TurkeyClearly, I should have.  Because the turkey, although gorgeous, was pretty cold by the time we all sat down.

The gravy tasted amazing.  I had used last year’s turkey broth, which makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!  But, by the time everyone arrived, it had thickened to the point where it was way too thick.

I always tell my daughter that you want your gravy to go to the table a bit thinner than you want because, as it cools, it will thicken.

Did I follow my own advice?  Did the fact that I’ve been in the kitchen for 40 years mean ANYTHING?  Apparently not.  I could have easily added more broth, but a after a few glasses of wine, it just didn’t seem that important.  Wrong.  Wrong move.  I really should give up wine.  But what would be the point?  I mean, it was 6:30 at night.  On our Thanksgiving.

So, I am going to make some notes right now for my future self, which I will need to consult in as soon as 30 days.  Or, sooner.

  1. No one cares if you look stupid the morning after. Feed them and get on with your life.
  2. Get out the warming tray.
  3. Thin the gravy, dummy!
  4. Get your oven fixed, once and for all.
  5. Better yet, have an entire kitchen makeover, that will probably bankrupt you, and get two ovens that actually work. While you’re at it, throw in not one, but two dishwashers.  That actually work.

And to top it off, I completely forgot about all the bacon I had pre-cooked and was out in the garage fridge.

I know Thanksgiving Disasters are a thing of Legend.  Glad I could add my own.

Not really.

Enjoy your Holidays!!  Enjoy the kids and forget the mascara!





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